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 in the interest of purity of    
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July-August-September, 2017, Vol.48, No.3   PDF version
Sanctuary Churches - Al Diestelkamp
The Knowledge of Good and Evil - Andy Diestelkamp
Do You Think There's Nothing In A Name? - Al Diestelkamp
Being A Companion
- Steve Fontenot
Un-Amazing Grace - David Diestelkamp
Faith In God's Promises Tested Over Time - Andy Diestelkamp
"I Feel That I Am Right In MY Belief" - Steve Fontenot

April-May-June, 2017, Vol.48, No.2   PDF version
Cannot Be Concealed - Rick Liggin
Will The Real Legalist Please Stand UP! - David Diestelkamp
Faith in the Promised Son - Andy Diestelkamp
Sovereign Lord
- Mason Venuso
Paul's Mother - Steve Fontenot
Caring for Connie - Al Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2017, Vol.48, No.1   PDF version
"Just As Christ Loves The Church" - Al Diestelkamp
Great News About Submission - David Diestelkamp
Home, Sweet Home - Leslie Diestelkamp
The Right To Be Angry
- Andy Diestelkamp
When Nothing Becomes "Something" - Karl Diestelkamp


October-November-December, 2016, Vol.47, No.4   PDF version
Show MORE of You - Al Diestelkamp
Outrageous Acts of Demons - David Diestelkamp
The Gospel Preached to Abraham - Andy Diestelkamp
About This Election
- Al Diestelkamp
Whom Are We Honoring? - Don B. Newcomer, Jr.
Settled Law - Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2016, Vol.47, No.3    PDF version
The Solution to Mankind's Problem - Andy Diestelkamp
Who Is My Brother or Sister in Christ? - Al Diestelkamp
To "See God" - Steve Fontenot
Qualities of a Strong Church
- Leslie Diestelkamp
Value - David Diestelkamp
Left-Handed Compliment - Al Diestelkamp

April-May June, 2016, Vol.47, No.2    PDF version
The Beginning & End of Sin - Andy Diestelkamp
Set on a Hill - David Diestelkamp
Kimberly's Bible - Al Diestelkamp
David Girardot
- Karl Diestelkamp
Predestination - Leslie Diestelkamp
The Transforming Power of The Word - Matt Hennecke

January-February-March, 2016, Vol.47, No.1    PDF version
Remembering Ray - Karl Diestelkamp
Man Is Not An Animal - Karl Diestelkamp
From the Beginning - Andy Diestelkamp
So Many Distractions on the Lord's Day
- Al Diestelkamp
100x, 60x, 30x - David Diestelkamp
Is Evangelism Bigotry? - Gordon J. Pennock


October-November-December, 2015, Vol.46, No.4    PDF version
Coping With Our Mistakes - David Diestelkamp
The Failure of Fatherlessness - Andy Diestelkamp
Take Heed To Yourself - Al Diestelkamp
Are You Beautiful?
- Rick Liggin
Another Case of Those "Being Dead, Yet Speak" - Karl Diestelkamp
What American Do With the Freedoms God Gave us - Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2015, Vol.46, No.3    PDF version
Praying Like David - Al Diestelkamp
The Big IF - David Diestelkamp
Sailors in Foxholes - Steve Fontenot
Are Only Members of The Church of Christ Saved?
- Andy Diestelkamp
Speaking Truth "With Grace, Seasoned With Salt" - Al Diestelkamp
"He Could, If He Woud" - Leslie Diestelkamp
Springfield Congregation Begins Meeting

April-May-June, 2015, Vol.46, No.2    PDF version
Deja vu...Deja vu - Al Diestelkamp
Reversal of Expectations - Andy Diestelkamp
It's Dark Out There - David Diestelkamp
Grace and Obedience
- Leslie Diestelkamp
Days of Creation - Steve Fontenot

January-February-March, 2015, Vol.46, No.1    PDF version
Goats Among Sheep - Al Diestelkamp
Honoring Jesus His Way - Andy Diestelkamp
Putting Up With It - David Diestelkamp
I Don't Want To Be A "Church of Christ" Christian
- Jeremy Diestelkamp
New Work to Begin in Springfield - Ken McDaniel
In Memory of Joe Novak


October-November-December, 2014, Vol.45, No.4    PDF version
Where Will It Stop? What Will Stop It? - Andy Diestelkamp
Does the Combine Do It's Job? - Nathan Combs
Ebola...Reason For Concern - David Diestelkamp
In Defense of Topical Preaching
- Al Diestelkamp
"Just As the Father Told Me"
- Rick Liggin
In Memory of Charlene Ferris

July-August-September, 2014, Vol.45, No.3    PDF version
Christians, "Ask Not..." - Al Diestelkamp
The Positive Side of Discipline - Andy Diestelkamp
How Important Is Truth? - Leslie Diestelkamp
"Getting Baptized" - Rick Liggin
Jim's Old Pickup Truck - David Diestelkamp
Paul's Mother - Steve Fontenot

April-May-June, 2014, Vol.45, No.2    PDF version
A One-Talent Church - Karl Diestelkamp
Changing Attitudes Toward Fellowship - Al Diestelkamp
Spitting Out The Seeds - Al Diestelkamp
Questions & Answers About Church Socials - Leslie Diestelkamp
You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks - Doug Cyrus
Prayer in the Public Forum - Andy Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2014, Vol.45, No.1    PDF version
What God Has NOT Given Us - David Diestelkamp
A Time To Die - Al Diestelkamp
God and Animal Rights - Al Diestelkamp
Supper...More Than A Meal - Andy Diestelkamp
A Shortage of Headless Christians - Al Diestelkamp
The First Human Relationship - Steve Fontenot


October-November-December, 2013, Vol.44, No.4    PDF version
"Go to the Ant...Consider Her Ways" - Leslie Diestelkamp
"Cut to the Heart" - Andy Diestelkamp
The Needless homosexuality Debate - Al Diestelkamp
Poles, Shoulders and Authority - Steve Fontenot
How Do You Read It? - Keith Barclay
A Sleepy Church - An Overturned Barrel

July-August-September, 2013, Vol.44, No.3    PDF version
Reaching the Lost - Al Diestelkamp
Apostolic Traditions vs. Traditional Liberties - Andy Diestelkamp
First Love - Leslie Diestelkamp
A Future and a Hope - Nathan Combs

April-May-June, 2013, Vol.44, No.2    PDF version
Where We Pitch Our Tents - Andy Diestelkamp
Assisted Spiritual Suicide - David Diestelkamp
Churches "of Christ" and the Needy - Steve Fontenot
"Segregation" in a Second-Hand Store - Karl Diestelkamp
Oh, Really, Mr. O'Reilly! - Al Diestelkamp
Psalm 92 and "Going to Church" - Keith Barclay

January-February-March, 2013, Vol.44, No.1    PDF version
Reasons Fallen-Away Christians Don't Return to the Lord - Al Diestelkamp
What Were You Looking For? - Leslie Diestelkamp
Learning To Think For Ourselves - Rick Liggin
Relevant Faith - Andy Diestelkamp
The Fingerprints of God - Doug Cyrus
"You...Them...The Church" - Steve Fontenot
'Tis the Season - Al Diestelkamp

October-November-December, 2012, Vol.43, No.4    PDF version
What Is The Big Picture? - Keith Barclay
When His Will Is Not Mine - Rick Liggin
The Blame Game - Al Diestelkamp
Incubation & Isolation - David Diestelkamp
Glorifying God While We Battle Sin - Andy Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2012, Vol.43, No.3    PDF version
Local Preacher Tenure - Al Distelkamp
Attempts To Circumvent Jesus' Teaching- Andy Diestelkamp
Membership In The Local Church- Rick Liggin
Hunting Down The Disorderly - Al Diestelkamp
How A Wise Woman Builds Her House - Steve Fontenot

April-May-June, 2012, Vol.43, No.2
   PDF version
Beginnings - Andy Diestelkamp
Cyclical Unfaithfulness and How to Avoid It - Keith Barclay
Sober Minded, In Every Sense of the Term - David Distelkamp
The Church is the Saved - Rick Liggin
The Moon Is Made of Green Cheese -
Al Diestelkamp
The Law of Our King - Leslie Diestelkamp
James A. Hodges, A Beloved Family Member Passes

January-February-March, 2012, Vol.43, No.1    PDF version
The Distracted Life - Al Diestelkamp
Mission to Sierra Leone - Andy Diestelkamp
When the Vow Breaks - Karl Distelkamp
Pure and Undefiled Religion - Steve Fontenot
Membership Salvation -
Robert E. Speer

October-November-December, 2011 Vol.42, No.4    PDF version
Change Agents - Andy Diestelkamp
Leaders Must Be Approachable - Rick Liggin
Abstinence Is Reasonable - David Diestelkamp
Distance, Death, Divorce, Digression - Al Diestelkamp
Gliese 581g -
Robert E. Speer

July-August-September, 2011 Vol.42, No.3    PDF version
Don't Let Them Bring You Down - David Diestelkamp
Giving Up On The Little Church - Robert E. Speer
Saved Like The Thief - Al Distelkamp
The Night We Cancelled Bible Study - Andy Diestelkamp
For The Good of The Congregation
Al Diestelkamp

April-May-June, 2011 Vol.42, No.2    PDF version
Desperately Seeking Comfort on Earth - Al Diestelkamp
A Living Hope
Ray Ferris
A House Divided - Steve Fontenot
Consistent Inconsistency - David Diestelkamp
The Search for The Righteous - Robert E. Speer
Shaking Things Up - Andy Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2011 Vol.42, No.1    PDF version
Communication In Christ - Andy Diestelkamp
Sound Acronyms That Cannot Be Condemned - Al Diestelkamp
"But You Don't Have Elders" - Karl Diestelkamp
Our Material Prosperity - Ray Ferris
Honoring Parents in Their Old Age...What it Looks Like - Rick Liggin

October-November-December, 2010 Vol.41, No.4    PDF version
Why We Sing Without Instruments - Al Diestelkamp
Thinking About Our Prosperity - Ray Ferris
Developing A Positive Mindset - Nathan Combs
Does Your Wife Ever Get In Your Way?Steve Fontenot
Bottom-Line Preaching - Andy Diestelkamp
Editor's note about emails - Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2010 Vol.41, No.3
   PDF version
The Purpose of Life - Andy Diestelkamp
Hair-Splitting - Leslie Diestelkamp
Is God's Grace Not Enough? - Al Diestelkamp
Called to Patient Endurance - Rick Liggin
Enjoy Your Wife - Steve Fontenot
Seeking Answers to the Wrong Question - David Diestelkamp

April-May-June, 2010 Vol.41, No.2    PDF version
"Home School" - Karl Diestelkamp
Good Traditions of Men - Al Diestelkamp
Why Did God Save Us? - Nathan Combs
50th Anniversary of "The Pill" - Andy Diestelkamp
Is God's Word Enough? - David Diestelkamp
Chicago's Loss is Louisville's Gain - Al Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2010 Vol.41, No.1    PDF version
There's No Security for the Believer in "Once Saved, Always Saved" - Al Diestelkamp
Pressing On To Maturity - Nathan Combs
Subjection: Something We Give VoluntarilyRick Liggin
"Male and Female He Created Them" - Andy Diestelkamp
Methods of Growth - Leslie Diestelkamp
"No Longer Drink Only Water, But Use A Little Wine..."
- Al Diestelkamp

October-November-December, 2009 Vol.40, No.4    PDF version
Climbing Out of Recession - Al Diestelkamp
Conduct "In the Lord" - Rick Liggin
Finding Some Disciples - Al Diestelkamp
Why the Meek Are Blessed By God - Andy Diestelkamp
Four Decades Together - Al Diestelkamp
Obituary: Betty Erdman - Karl Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2009 Vol.40, No.3    PDF version
We Must Learn to Let Them Go - Al Diestelkamp
The Role of Emotions in Worship - Nathan Combs
A Position of Honor - Rick Liggin
Peter Got It Right! - David Diestelkamp
The Search for Solutions to Our Nation's Woes
- Andy Diestelkamp

April-May-June, 2009 Vol.40, No.2    
PDF version
Quitting Church - David Diestelkamp
"Keepers At Home" - Steve Fontenot
Wii Gospel - Al Diestelkamp
Our Carnal Culture of Comfort - Andy Diestelkamp
The Preacher Shortage - Leslie Diestelkamp
Looking Good - Al Diestelkamp
Unread Letters - Matt Hennecke

January-February-March, 2009 Vol.40, No.1
PDF version
God's Authority and the Sexual Revolution - Andy Diestelkamp
If Noah, Daniel and Job Were in America - Al Diestelkamp
They are Not the Same- David Diestelkamp
That's What We Pay You to Do - Keith Barclay
'You Are Out of Your Mind!'- Steve Fontenot
No Complaints about Pink Elephants - Doug Cyrus

October-November-December, 2008, Vol.39, No.4    PDF version
Doing Good to Those Lost in Sin - Al Diestelkamp
The Need for Doctrinal Sermons - Rick Liggin
Slogan (Politics) Religion- David Diestelkamp
Do You Have Any Enemies? - Al Diestelkamp
Q & A's about Church Socials- Leslie Diestelkamp
Individuals, Relationships and Responsibilities - Steve Fontenot

July-August-September, 2008, Vol. 39, No.3    PDF version
Doing Good at the Workplace - Al Diestelkamp
Our Attitude Toward the Lost - Rick Liggin
Blinders Needed- Andy Diestelkamp
What Color is the Church? - Karl Diestelkamp
Better Attitudes - Leslie Diestelkamp
A Reuben Marriage - Steve Fontenot

April-May-June, 2008, Vol.39, No.2    PDF version
Doing Good for Our Nation - Al Diestelkamp
Faith Comes by Hearing - Steve Fontenot
Living Like No One Else - Al Diestelkamp
Leading Brothers - Karl Diestelkamp
Pointing Fingers - Rick Liggin
Now That I Am Old - Robert Speer

January-February-March, 2008, Vol.39, No.1    PDF version
Doing Good to Our Brethren - Al Diestelkamp
Drowning in Debt - Andy Diestelkamp
Good or Evil...You Make the Call - Rick Liggin
Have a Nice Weekend - Leslie Diestelkamp
Wine is Still a Mocker - David Diestelkamp

October - November - December, 2007, Vol.38, No.4    PDF version
Doing Good to All - Al Diestelkamp
When All the World Comes to Us - David Diestelkamp
My Body, My Slave - Rick Liggin
Dead or Alive? - Al Diestelkamp
Putting Christ Back in Christian- Andy Diestelkamp
Truth or Ignorance - Al Diestelkamp
Saints Who've Gone Home - Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2007, Vol.38, No.3    PDF version
That There May Be Equality - Al Diestelkamp
And Yet We Still Call it the Lord's Day - Al Diestelkamp
'Incredible' Beginning - Andy Diestelkamp
Why Go to Hell Twice? - David Diestelkamp
Border Crossing - M.J. Hennecke
Transformers - Al Diestelkamp

April-May-June, 2007, Vol.38, No.2    PDF version
When 'It Has Not Yet Been Revealed' - David Diestelkamp
Browsing Old Bulletins - Al Diestelkamp
Build and Fight - Leslie Diestelkamp
Stedfast Disciples - Ed Brand
We Don't Know Enough - Rick Liggin
When Do You Plan to Die? - Andy Diestelkamp
Free Range Children - David Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2007, Vol.38, No.1    PDF version
Reproductive Rights and Wrongs - Andy Diestelkamp
When Will These Things Be? - Andy Diestelkamp
Defending Non-Church Collectivities - Al Diestelkamp
Denying God Secretly - Rick Liggin
Obituaries - Hiram Hutto and J.D. Barnes

October-November-December, 2006, Vol.37, No.4
PDF version
Unexpected Love - David Diestelkamp
Love Feasts - Karl Diestelkamp
Letters of Commendation - Al Diestelkamp
Irreconcilable Differences - Andy Diestelkamp
So, You Think You Can Dance? - Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2006, Vol.37, No.3    PDF version
Confession is Good for the Soul - Rick Liggin
The Gospel's Dependency on Man - Andy Diestelkamp
You Can't Judge an Apple by Its Peeling - Al Diestelkamp
The Seeker Friendly Fad - Al Diestelkamp
Unchanging Principles - Leslie Diestelkamp

April-May-June, 2006, Vol.37, No.2    PDF version
Separation of Faith and Law - Andy Diestelkamp
Daughters: From Whence Come Their Godly Husbands? - Keith Clayton
The Lesser of Two Evils - Al Diestelkamp
Denying God Secretly - Rick Liggin
Is the Church of Christ a Cult? - David Diestelkamp
The Choice Seats - Al Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2006, Vol.37, No.1    PDF version
When I Get Old - Al Diestelkamp
Today's Use of Things Written Before - Al Diestelkamp
The Master Teacher - Rick Liggin
For the Kingdom of Heaven's Sake - Andy Diestelkamp
Reacting to the Charge of Antiism - Al Diestelkamp
The Most Unfamiliar Book - Frank Vondracek

October-November-December, 2005, Vol.36, No.4    
PDF version
Divide and Conquer - Al Diestelkamp
Evolution vs. Design - Andy Diestelkamp
'Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven' - Frank Vondracek
Go Kill a Bear - Leslie Diestelkamp
Just Who is Serving Whom? - Rick Liggin

July-August-September, 2005, Vol.36, No.3    PDF version
Are You Really Saved - Rick Liggin
Helpless to Save - Al Diestelkamp
Opinions in Bible Class - Rick Liggin
Giving to the Lord 'As Needed' - Al Diestelkamp
What Must I Do to be Saved? - Andy Diestelkamp
This is a Test - David Diestelkamp
Weary Well Doers - David Diestelkamp
When I Get to Heaven - Frank Vondracek

April-May-June, 2005, Vol.36, No.2    PDF version
Excellent Righteousness - Andy Diestelkamp
A 'Kingdom View' of the Church - Al Diestelkamp
The Work of Preaching - Rick Liggin
False Teachers 'Just As' False Prophets: A Response - Jay Horsley
Response to Response - M.J. Hennecke
They Knew They Were Naked, Do We? - David Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2005, Vol.36, No.1    PDF version
He Enjoyed Listening to Him - Rick Liggin
The Constant Battle with Impatience - Al Diestelkamp
No, Not in Israel...Not Even in the Church - Rick Liggin
The Cart Before the Horse - Leslie Diestelkamp
Leaving the Word of God - Andy Diestelkamp
Secularizing What God Has Done - David Diestelkamp
Who Is a False Teacher? - M.J. Hennecke

October-November-December, 2004, Vol.35, No.4    
PDF version
Worthy of Worship - Andy Diestelkamp
Embarrassing Shortfall - Al Diestelkamp
In Defense of the Box - David Diestelkamp
Helping Others to Change
- Rick Liggin
Death of an Illustration - David Diestelkamp
Holy and Awesome is God's Name
- Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2004, Vol.35, No.3    PDF version
Bucking Popular Trends - Al Diestelkamp
A Living Church is a Giving Church - Leslie Diestelkamp
Loopholes and Slipknots - Al Diestelkamp
I Think God Would Want Me to be Happy - Andy Diestelkamp
Resolving our Differences- Rick Liggin

April-May-June, 2004, Vol.35, No.2    PDF version
Positively Optimistic
- Rick Liggin
When the Preacher's Wife Takes a Job - A Reply - Roy Diestelkamp
James W. "Billy" Boyd Passes - Al Diestelkamp
Self Examination - Andy Diestelkamp
Stay Out of My Dirt - Al Diestelkamp
Authority from Necessary Inference - Al Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2004, Vol.35, No.1    PDF version
Truth or Consequences - David Diestelkamp
When the Preacher's Wife Takes a Job - Al Diestelkamp
A Movie: The Power of God Unto Salvation? - David Diestelkamp
Zero Tolerance for Sin - Andy Diestelkamp
About That Sign Out Front - Al Diestelkamp
Morals in the Pulpit and in the Pew - Leslie Diestelkamp

October-November-December, 2003, Vol.34, No.4
   PDF version
Knowing You're Right
- Andy Diestelkamp
Brethren, We Need to be Teaching - Clee Reddinger
Let Their Fingers Do the Walking- Al Diestelkamp
Speech Seasoned with Salt...and Pepper - Al Diestelkamp
Needed: Christians Who Know the Bible - Rick Liggin
Whatever Happened to the Lord's Day? - Karl Diestelkamp

July-August- September, 2003, Vol.34, No.3   PDF version
Bulging Treasuries - Al Diestelkamp
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Karl Diestelkamp
This Way to Sodom- David Diestelkamp
Feeding Sparrows - Al Diestelkamp
Perverting Jesus and Scripture- Andy Diestelkamp
The Golgotha Address - Don McCune
Toward Greater Spiritual Education - Rick Liggin

April-May-June, 2003, Vol.34, No.2   
PDF version
'Don't Ask Fellowship - Al Diestelkamp
Stumbling Over Baptism - Andy Diestelkamp
Some Thoughts on Friendship- Rick Liggin
Discernment Based on Biblical Principle - Rick Liggin
Tattoos and Piercings - David Diestelkamp
Benevolence is Not the Mission of the Church - Al Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2003, Vol.34, No.1     PDF version
Slug Eaters - David Diestelkamp
A Tough Command - Al Diestelkamp
Preparing the Next Generation to Lead - Andy Diestelkamp
Following Jesus - David Diestelkamp
Having a Family Focus - Rick Liggin
Church Ads - Andy Diestelkamp

October-November-December, 2002, Vol.33, No.4  
PDF version
Judging the Judgmental
- David Diestelkamp
Preacher Support and Accountability - Andy Diestelkamp
Dr. Spock, Dr. Phil, & God - Al Diestelkamp
The Importance of Togetherness - Andy Diestelkamp
Zeal for Christ in the Spirit of Christ - Rick Liggin
Updating the Standard - Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2002, Vol.33, No.3  
PDF version
Holy Hatred - Andy Diestelkamp
Reflections at a Stop Sign - Ed Brand
Some Brethren Think Samuel Swallowed a Camel - Leslie Diestelkamp
My Velcro Friend - Al Diestelkamp
Golden Arches Out Front? - Al Diestelkamp
An Attitude of Reverence - Ray Ferris

April-May-June, 2002, Vol.33, No.2
   PDF version
The Poison of Bitterness - Al Diestelkamp
Fiddling With Tradition - Andy Diestelkamp
Goodbye Virtues, Hello Values - David Diestelkamp
A Troubling Question - Ed Brand
Tolerance - Berlin Chumbley

January-February-March, 2002, Vol.33, No.1     PDF version
Restoration Now - Andy Diestelkamp
The Need for Humility - Andy Diestelkamp
Radical - Al Diestelkamp
A Thousand Times...NO! - David Diestelkamp
Our Traditions - Leslie Diestelkamp
Speaking the Lord's Message - David Diestelkamp

October-November-December, 2001, Vol.32, No.4  
PDF version
The Promotion of Digression - Al Diestelkamp
Running the Church Like a Business - Al Diestelkamp
Looking for God...In the Right Place - Rick Liggin
The Improved Economic Status of the "Church Mouse" - Al Diestelkamp
Vegeance & Repentance - Andy Diestelkamp
Motivation for Unbelief - Andy Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2001, Vol.32, No.3   PDF version
Tragedy Silences Atheists - Al Diestelkamp
Good Things Happen - Philip Chumbley
I'm Not Ashamed - Andy Diestelkamp
Kill the Umpire! - Andy Diestelkamp
Look Again, Dad and Mom - Al Diestelkamp
Old Issues Need to Be Studied - Al Diestelkamp

April-May-June, 2001, Vol.32, No.2   PDF version
The Unfinished Work of Restoration - Al Diestelkamp
Of Mice & Men - M.J. Hennecke
Excel Still More - Rick Liggin
Catering to the Community - Andy Diestelkamp
Signs of Progress - Leslie Diestelkamp
Response to "A Divided Church" - Al Diestelkamp
Technology & Preaching - Al Diestelkamp

January-February-March, 2001, Vol.32, No.1   PDF version
Jesus Is Coming - Andy Diestelkamp
You're A Minister Too! - Rick Liggin
Just a Little Bit of Liberalism - Al Diestelkamp
Self Righteousness - Andy Diestelkamp
Being Naive About Evil - Rick Liggin
Leaky Ceilings - M. J. Hennecke

October-November-December, 2000, Vol.31, No.4  
PDF version
Wanted: Dead Bank Robbers - Al Diestelkamp
Honoring Godly Discipline - Al Diestelkamp
Moving Boundaries - Andy Diestelkamp
Girding the Towel - Al Diestelkamp
Your Late-in-Life Repentance - Rick Liggin
Today You Will Be with Me In Paradise - Al Diestelkamp
The Last Page of the Century - Al Diestelkamp

July-August-September, 2000, Vol.31, No.   PDF version
A Healthy Sense of Shame - Rick Liggin
Questions About Elders - Dale Smelser
Editor's Note - Al Diestelkamp
Criticism Among Brethren - Dan Richardson
Brethren Helping Brethren - Al Diestelkamp
Submitting to the Lord - Andy Diestelkamp

April-May-June, 2000, Vol.31, No.2   PDF version
Dad's 'Preaching' Bibles - Al Diestelkamp
Compartmentalized Faith - Andy Diestelkamp
4 Questions for Challengers of Decisive Elders - Al Diestelkamp
Glory to the Reader or the Writer? - David Diestelkamp
Why Do You Think They Call Them Shorts? - Karl Diestelkamp
Skin Is In - David Diestelkamp
Where is the Glory? - Karl Diestelkamp
Money - Leslie Diestelkamp (a Think classic)

January-February-March, 2000, Vol.31, No.1   PDF version
Are Elders Obsolete? - Andy Diestelkamp
Modern Problems - Al Diestelkamp
WWJD? or WDJD? - David Diestelkamp
Family Circles - Leslie Diestelkamp (Think classic)
Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Al Diestelkamp
In Search of Noah's Ark - Berlin Chumbley
Going Down the Valley One-by-One - Al Diestelkamp

October-November-December 1999, Vol.30, No.4
   PDF version
The Way We Were - Al Diestelkamp
Euphemizing Sin - David Diestelkamp
7 Techniques for Breaking Sinful Habits - M.J. Hennecke
The Future of Fatherhood - Andy Diestelkamp
Albert A. Wanous, 81, Dies
- Karl Diestelkamp

July-August-September 1999, Vol.30, No.3   PDF version
The Reality of Conflict - Andy Diestelkamp
Willing Submission - Andy Diestelkamp
Something to Run From - Al Diestelkamp
Not Exactly - Al Diestelkamp

April-May-June 1999, Vol.30, No.2   PDF version
In Defense of Discrimination - Andy Diestelkamp
No Work, No Eat - Ed Brand
Devaluing 'I Do' - Al Diestelkamp
'Uh-oh!' - Andy Diestelkamp
Why Is It So Hard to Say I Love You? - Al Diestelkamp
Experience the Power of Pentecost - Dan Richardson

January-February-March 1999, Vol.30, No.1   PDF version
Grace - Philip Chumbley
In the Likeness of Men - Andy Diestelamp
Uphill to the Toy Box - David Diestelkamp
Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man? - Al Diestelkamp
What Can I Do? - Ed Brand
Why2k? - Al Diestelkamp
When a Faithful Mother Dies - Karl Diestelkamp

October - November - December 1998, Vol.29, No.4 
PDF version
Eating and Feeding - By Andy Diestelkamp
It's Not Good for Us to be Alone - by Al Diestelkamp
Must be 21 to Attend - by Andy Diestelkamp
Will it Hurt the Church? - by Leslie Diestelkamp
It's the Stupid Economy - by Al Diestelkamp
What Would It Take? - by Don Blackwell

July - August - September 1998, Vol.29, No.3  PDF version
The Conscience - By Ray Ferris
As You Travel - by Roy Diestelkamp
Closing Windows - by Al Diestelkamp
Sunflowers & Smiles - by Fred Hennecke
Decades of Spiritual Decay Result in Spiritual Rottenness - by Al Diestelkamp
One Thing Is Needful - by Ed Brand

April - May - June 1998, Vol.29, No.2  PDF version
Reading It As It Is - Al Diestelkamp
Problems with Local Autonomy - Al Diestelkamp
But That Would Mean We've Always Been Wrong! - Andy Diestelkamp
Living Up to Our Reputation - Al Diestelkamp
My Church - Ed Brand
Now I Can Laugh About It - Al Diestelkamp
For a Forgetful Preacher - M.J. Hennecke

January - February - March 1998, Vol.29, No1  PDF version
Anniversary of Shame - Al Diestelkamp
The Name of the Church - Andy Diestelkamp
Lending & Borrowing - Andy Diestelkamp
American Immorality - Al Diestelkamp
Four, Small, Wise Creatures - M.J. Hennecke
This is a Hard Saying - Ed Brand

October - November - December 1997, Vol.28, No.4 
PDF version
Stand! - Ed Brand
The Convenient Church of Christ - Al Diestelkamp
Into A Bag With Holes - Rennie Frazier
Running Amuck Online - Al Diestelkamp
Compromise Keepers - Andy Diestelkamp
Putting "Obey" Back in the Bride's Promise - Al Diesstelkamp
Humanism: America's "State Religion" - Al Diestelkamp

July - August - September 1997, Vol.28, No.3  PDF version
No Time to Draw BackAl Diestelkamp
Cosmic Lonliness - David Diestelkamp
Follow-Up On Birth Control Pills - Andy Diestelkamp
Accepting & Speaking Truth
Al Diestelkamp
Closet Christians - Al Diestelkamp
Calling All Evangelism Specialists!l
Al Diestelkamp
Lies, Lies and More Lies
Al Diestelkamp
"There's A Church In The Valley..." - Ed Brand

April - May - June 1997, Vol.28, No.2  PDF version
Set Your Mind on Things Above - Andy Diestelkamp
"Spiritual Feminism" Is Making Her Move - Al Diestelkamp
Inconsistencies in Divorce & Remarriage Issues - Al Diestelkamp
What's The Difference - Ed Brand
Shoelaces & Christians
Al Diestelkamp
Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper Too? - Al Diestelkamp
A Tribute to E.J. Ebong, A Servant of the Lord - Karl Diestelkamp

January - February - March 1997, Vol.28, No1  PDF version
I Know... - Ed Brand
Another Way To Kill Babies - Andy Diestelkamp
Morality, Spirituality & Evangelism - Al Diestelkamp
You're Never Too Old To Learn - Andy Diestelkamp
In or Out of Control - Roy Diestelkamp
I Get Love Letters
Al Diestelkamp
Jerry Merten "Finishes His Course"

October - November - December 1996, Vol.27, No.4

"Fetus" = "Baby" - Al Diestelkamp
If Dr. Kevorkian Were Mr. Kevorkian - Al Diestelkamp
Divorce: Acceptable Immorality - Andy Diestelkamp
Provoke - Ed Brand
Thoughts About the Raising of Children - Larry Beckham
Gospel Light or "Lite Gospel" - Al Diesstelkamp
Honest Study of Sensitive Issues - John Hendrix

July - August - September 1996, Vol.27, No.3
Raising A Big TentAl Diestelkamp
Satan the Trapper - Cleveland R. Reddinger
Praying With Our Eyes Open - Al Diestelkamp
Scabs Have No Honor - Andy
Race Relations - Ed Brand
Do You Think There's Nothing In A Name?
Al Diestelkamp

April - May - June 1996, Vol.27, No.2
Going Over th Allotted Time - Al Diestelkamp
"She Hath Done What She Could" - Roy Diestelkamp
Our Godly Women Are A Blessing - Al Diestelkamp
"The People Gathered Together As One Man" - Karl Hennecke
Hi-Tech Preaching
Al Diestelkamp
It's Noy My Fault - Ed Brand
Myrtle Diestelkamp, 1914-1996
A Tribute to Myrtle Diestelkamp - Robert E. Speer

January - February - March 1996, Vol.27, No1
Who's Counting the Money? - Al Diestelkamp
"Choice" Reveals Its Bloody Hand - Andy Diestelkamp
Overcoming the Dragon - Matt Hennecke
Advice My Dad Gave Me - Roy Diestelkamp
Speaking of Dinosaurs - Al Diestelkamp
Moral Courage - Andy
Sojourners & Pilgrims - Ed Brand

October - November - December 1995, Vol.26, No.4

"No, Virginia..." - Andy Diestelkamp
If Jesus Was Tempted To Sin, Culd He Then Be God? - Roy Diestelkamp
With What Shall We Clothe Ourselves?- Ed Brand
We've Come A Long Way, Baby, But Look Who's Leading the Way - Al Diestelkamp

July - August - September 1995, Vol.26, No.3
Special issue (not yet archived)

April - May - June 1995, Vol.26, No.2
Behave Like A Christian - Al Diestelkamp
The Sin of Racial Prejudice - Andy Diestelkamp
Does Silence Authorize Opinion? - Roy Diestelkamp
Romans 14 and Opinion - Roy Diestelkamp
Marriage...Had in Honor - Ed Brand
I Admit, I Just Don't Have the Nerve Some Preachers Have - Al Diestelkamp
Socially Adjusted Answers - Al Diestelkamp

January - February - March 1995, Vol.26, No1
"Shall Your Brethren Go To War While You Sit Here?" - Al Diestelkamp
Partners In Crime - Andy Diestelkamp
What's A Christian To Do? - Ed Brand
The Knowledge of Good & Evil - Andy Diestelkamp
Filling The Leadership Gap - Al Diestelkamp